How to invest in the current crisis (and not wait for it to come)

How to invest in the current crisis (and not wait for it to come) Today, the global economy seems to be slipping into a deep crisis, which has not even started yet.And the severity of the crisis will not be fully apparent for a long time. Therefore, before you make a decision to invest some of your money, carefully study whether you need to wait for a protracted financial crisis or whether you should start working on your investment right now.Let's talk about this today.1) to Prepare for a possible new sanctions rollback The economy has entered a prolonged period of extremely low oil prices, very high levels of unemployment and a general refusal of people to survive by one point. Therefore, the time has come for all of us to seriously think about how we will be able to provide our family with the most modest financial support. 2) in View of the fact that the crisis is taking place in the midst of a General panic in the financial markets, stock prices are growing over the past 12 months.So stop being an investor and start buying shares!It may be tempting to the point of madness, but in the extreme cases when investors "draw all the money," it turns out that the business is worth it. for the money.Since the stock market is growing at a faster pace, make a firm decision to buy shares regularly, say, 10-20% of your income.3) on top of the dividend yield, consider the possibility of an even more significant one bonus In the current situation, only one thing is clear — that the stock market is very strong. very strong.So don't forget about the dividend yield. In addition to the standard share price, you should consider the dividend yield, due to which the dividend yield increases.4) do Not buy shares if you have cash on hand or in a Bank accountAt all costs! This is strictly your personal decision.Do not keep your money "under the mattress" or on a Bank Deposit.In addition, you should strictly refrain from using credit cards, especially with an increased amount of money.This recommendation is based on my personal experience:When I first started investing, I used to buy index funds every month (and sometimes even a little bit at a time).But now the interest on the loans has become prohibitively high, and the exposure on Bank deposits has also decreased.Therefore, I have mostly stopped to rest on my laurels — I have started to restructure and sell some of my index funds.In this article, I will only talk about the advanced financial instruments that I use (for example, I use a monthly averaging strategy to buy the index funds):These days I am actively engaged in the index investing.I am very happy that the prices of index funds have gone down — and I get a good income from them.5) when investing, use tax breaks Although there is no doubt that effective tax breaks